Soul Contract Reading

Do you want to understand your life? Do you want to connect with your Soul Purpose, but don't know how?

Would you like to experience a sense of relief and peace to hear the truth about what is really going on in your life?

Do you feel like there are patterns which occur in your life and you want to know why? Do you want to uncover how these patterns affect your relationships?

A Soul Contract Reading can help to answer these questions and orientate you to understanding and taking charge of the key themes in your life.

A Soul Contract Reading will help you see the Truth of who you are, clear any interference, and live your potential! It can really connect to the "Soul Story" of your life, what your soul set out to achieve in this lifetime.

This is an ancient system of numerology based on the sacred sound vibrations of creation revealed through your birth name, your Soul Signature and true essence. The sounds of your birth certificate name correspond to Hebrew sounds which convert to numbers and we use 22 of these numbers to decode the physical and spiritual aspects of a person's life. This is what drives a person's core programming and creates their own personal law of what they attract into their life.

This is a "Soul Map" identifying the patterns and exploring the themes of your life. This is a very powerful modality because you receive an energetic a transmission of these sacred core symbols as well as an understanding your life pattern during the Soul Contract Reading.

It explores the core soul qualities that you are seeking to birth in this lifetime. It will help you realise what your challenges are and what is needed to overcome obstacles in your life and to achieve your goals. It does this through identifying your gifts, birthing your talents, and bringing energies into balance so you can realise your goals and reconnect with your purpose in life.

It does this through:

  • identifying your gifts; birthing your talents,
  • understanding your challenges and bringing your energies into balance so you can realise your goals and reconnect with your soul purpose in life

It is about reconnecting, empowering and aligning with who you really are!

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